Saturday, September 25, 2010

An interesting thought

Today I decided I was going to start a blog about nutrition and wellness. I might throw out some random ideas for healthy snacking, or a quick Monday night meal. But I can help but wonder, who reads these blogs? I am on a journey to find out. Here goes:

My children love to snack. They would seriously eat chips, cookies, candy, and other garbage all day long if I would let them. This being said, I am always on the hunt for healthy snacks. Popcorn. Hands down, the cheapest, easiest, and tastiest snack that also provides health benefits. Not only does popcorn provide very valuable fiber, but it cleans your teeth. Popcorn works like a little sponge on your teeth, cleaning off debris and plaque. You can add Brewers Yeast to your popcorn instead of butter and salt for flavor. 

Brewers' yeast has been used traditionally for centuries for the purpose of brewing beer and some winemaking. But although the product has been used for centuries, many are not aware of the remarkable health benefits, which have earned it the suitable moniker of "Nature's Wonder Food." Brewer's Yeast is a natural source of Vitamin B Complex, a highly concentrated amount of protein, as well as a wonderful spectrum of vitamins and minerals.Brewer's Yeast is also attributed to several health benefits, such as stress relief, better metabolism and lower cholesterol. It can also help provide restful slumber and ease fatigue.

So, next time you have family movie night, pop yourself some popcorn using canola oil in a pan. Dump the popped corn in a paper bag and add some brewer's yeast. Shake it up and pour it in the bowl. Guilt free movie snacks that everyone will love.

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  1. I tried this last night with Nutritional Yeast (no brewers in the pantry). It was pretty darn good! With all those extra vitamins the yeast added, I think we will be eating our popcorn like this from now on. Thanks for the tip! And since I experimented with the popcorn last night, I remembered to add the nutritional yeast to my pasta dish tonight! Now, I'll have to try cooking with saffron. Keep it up - I love these suggestions.